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Some people find it helpful in anticipating their first therapy session to get a sense of what it might be like. I work in the here and now to address the issues that are problematic for clients and bring in historical information as neeI'm pretty straightforward and am usually a good match with clients who want someone who is empathetic but but ded.

I am a systems-based therapist which means simply that I believe none of us live in a vacuum - our behavior affects others and others behavior affects us and change anywhere creates a ripple effect. We work on how to anticipate the ripple effect of our own change as we progress through therapy and how we adapt to changes around us, ever making our way towards goals that we set within our therapy sessions.

I borrow from a variety of modalities based on what fits for you and our working relationship. These modalities include but are not limited to: Cognitive Behavioral (CBT), Mindfulness-Based Cognitive, Narrative and EMDR.

A typical session with me would involve talking about how things have been going for you since your last session, what stressors came up, what worked to fight against them and what didn't. From that discussion we would work on developing more skills and tactics to add to your "tool kit" so you can attend to stressful events with a sense of capability or control over your response.

I find that fear of the unknown comprises most people's anxiety. We can talk about how that looks in your life and come up with various means for you to deal with the unknowns and have some "Plan B's" in your back pocket.

For people struggling with ADD/ADHD we would discuss areas of your life that are being affected and give you some additional tools to deal more effectively with them, so your life can get to looking more how you'd like it to. Some examples might be: listening/conversation skills, organization challenges, finishing projects, managing finances, and dealing with impulsive and/or compulsive behavior patterns.

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